Sunday, April 1, 2012

Stripy shirt and bright pants

I'm on a separates kick, and just finished this top (Burda 02-2010-112) as part of Faye's From the Top sewing challenge, the pants I sewed earlier this week and are another Burda 08-2009-127.  I've made them before in red stretch twill, denim, and black ponte.  It's a versatile pant pattern!
Top: Burda 02-2010-112 in rayon jersey, Bottom: Burda 08-2009-127 in stretch twill
Some things of note while sewing:
  • Rayon jersey is very slinky.  It's lovely to wear, but I'm not sure that the Burda design was meant for such a slinky knit.  The shirt was a cinch to sew (sleeve and shirt hems are self hemmed with a twin needle, neckline is done with a bias binding then turned and stitched) but I think it would fit better if it were done up in a firmer knit.  Look at how long those sleeves are on me!  I think I will take them  up on this version.
  • After having made these pants four times, I have learned a trick for not turning a stretch woven into a sausage casing.  My first pair, the red stretch twill, were uncomfortably tight for the first few wears because I pressed the fabric right before cutting the fabric pieces.  The jeans and ponte versions were moderately tight because I let the fabric cool a little before cutting out.  And this paid turned out just right -- not too tight, not baggy -- because the fabric cooled for more than a half hour before cutting.
  • When sewing a waistband, it is easier to catch the inner waistband from the outside if I press the seam allowance before turning and stitching.
  • I can use an off-color zipper in the front fly, which adds a fun element that nobody else can see!
A wrinkly detail shot... Fly front with green zipper and button in a different shade of blue.  Why be matchy-matchy?


  1. Gorgeous colour! Thanks for the tips on cutting out.

  2. I love those pants. I am in the process of making myself a pair of cobalt blue pants. I did the muslin yesterday and it fits pretty well. I am nervous though because I don't have a great track record making pants.

    1. I've seen the pants you've posted on your blog in the past, Rachel, and I have no doubt that this cobalt pair will turn out well!

  3. Your jeans are awesome, and such a gorgeous colour! That is a great tip about cutting out.

  4. I love the outfit, especially the color of the pants. Too fabulous!

  5. My comment might have gotten eaten--I love the outfit, especially the color of the pants. So on trend!

  6. Really great outfit. Those trousers...really cool, and a great fit by the looks of it.

    I too like using quirky little details, like a different colour zip. I like!

  7. Wow, you'Ve been busy! Great color and great fit on the pants. Rayon jersey... fun to wear, not so fun to sew. I actually like too long sleeves, but maybe that's because sleeves are typically too short for me.

  8. Fantastic outfit. I love the bright blue against the restraint of the tshirt.