Saturday, September 24, 2011

What I sewed this summer, Part II: Burda 12-2005-111

Believe it or not, I've been wanting to sew this top for almost six years... and I've had this silk shantung remnant in my stash for almost as long!  The two came together and made this top, which unfortunately I am hurriedly modeling for this photo so I can put it away with the rest of my summer clothes.

I usually wear it with dress pants or a skirt to work, not yoga pants, so that peek at my belly through the waistband tie keyhole is not typical!  I swear!  The fit of this top is very... 2005?  It hits at the high hip and is quite fitted compared to Burda's slouchy 2011 designs.  I wouldn't even wear this with jeans because all my jeans are just as low cut as these yoga pants.

The cowl neck is subtle from the side but still big enough to be a feminine detail to the top.  The shoulders fit snugly.

The only trouble is that, as I've discovered, when walking on a windy day the inside of the cowl will blow out and look like this.  Not really a look to go for!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What I sewed this summer, part 1: 11-2008-104

This summer, in between complaining about the heat and sweating, I did a little bit of sewing.  I made this skirt in July, and have been happily wearing it.  It wasn't until I was sewing the godets in the side that I realized I'd forgotten to cut out the top ruffle (the ruffle is a double layer of godets) but I don't miss it.  I sized the pattern down to a 36, but I think I could have sewn a 38, this is quite fitted and pencil like except for the godets which give the skirt and interesting shape and movement.
11-2008-104B, in a crepe gabardine

Here is my version, in a lightweight wool novelty weave.  The texture of the wool makes the skirt interesting but isn't distracting.  I am wearing Simplicity 2603, the wrap cardigan, with it.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Rodarte inspired: Burda 09-2010-112B

Rodarte for Opening Ceremony draped skirt, in linen gauze.
You can pick up your Rodarte skirt (on sale for a reasonable $134.40, down from $448, heh) at Shopbop or you can make the at-home Burda version.  Burda printed a similar pattern in 09-2010.  Behold, 09-2010-112A and 09-2010-112B.

Burda 09-2010-112A and B, top version in jacquard, bottom version in silk batiste.  Why must Burda make the samples in fabric that makes seeing the details so difficult?

 And my version, in tropical weight glen plaid wool.  I'm pretty happy with the shape.  I cut a size halfway between 34 and 35, and shortened all pieces by 2".  The waistband is a grosgrain ribbon, which was the easiest waistband application ever.  I don't know why I've never made this kind of waistband before!
Believe it or not, the floor is not crooked in my new apartment.

Now I want a crisp white shirt.

These photos show the shape of the skirt a little better.  The design is interesting, as in there are no side seams.  The outer shell of the skirt is cut as two sides that overlap in the front.  The skirt has what Burda is calling an underskirt, which is to be cut from the fashion fabric.  I substituted stretch lining instead, and in hindsight I wouldn't have shortened it by 2 inches.  There isn't any easy way to anchor it to the outer shell, which doesn't have side seams, so it rides up a bit.

This is the only seam in the outer shell.

Underskirt.  It's not going to be seen, and having it 2" longer would have been good.