Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Wedding update and other catching up

Hi everyone!  Thank you all for your thoughts on whether to hang or fold my wedding dress.  I figured I've been away too long because I've started getting some rather spammy comments as well... most are deleted now as I've done a bit of housekeeping on the blog.  The wedding was everything I hoped it would be - a very small ceremony in Acadia, Maine.  It combined our favorite things, mountains and oceans.  We went climbing at Otter Cliffs, which has long been on my to-do list with amazing views of the ocean and awesome sand blasted granite.  We are so lucky to have so many loving people close to us.  My new brother in law took photos that make us look taller/thinner/smarter (the one I've posted here was taken with a large format camera), a dear old friend flew out from California to officiate, a friend baked our cake, and another made AMAZING meals for all to share.  Even our jeweler got in the on the action with a blog post singing our praises.

My wedding dress in silk crepe back satin.

In case you're wondering what I ended up wearing under there: Va bien backless plunge bra (it has shoulder straps) and Va bien control top shorts.  I ordered the shorts on a whim thinking they'd hide panty lines, and honestly didn't think they'd make a difference otherwise (not to brag but just a statement of fact - I don't really have much extra skin around the middle), but they did.  Seriously, wearing the right undergarment is all about letting the fabric skim your frame and not get cling on your skin or catch in strange ways.  It was the difference sleek and well, not so sleek.

I am still sewing, but I realize my life has changed since I started this blog and I can't keep up on all the blogs I like to read as well as keep track of my sewing projects.  It's unfortunate because I sometimes I'm about to sew something and wonder whether I've already made it in the past, or wonder what I altered the last time I sewed it or something similar.  Blogging and keeping records is helpful.

A note for Mairead: I'm sorry, I'm not selling my Burdas at the moment.  I've often had good luck looking on etsy and eBay for past issues, and I hope you will as well!