Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm still here.

Yes, I'm here.  It's been a while.

Where have I been, if not sewing and writing about it?  I spilled water on my computer at the end of May, and finally got a replacement about a week ago.  That said, I have 2 unfinished pairs of pants that I just can't get myself to try on for hemming.  Remember how I said I live in a shoebox?  Allow me to correct myself:  I live in an oven.  The natural light that I loved in the winter turns my apartment into a greenhouse in the summertime.  I am just not in the mood to curl up with a pair of wool pants (or anything for that matter) to sew hooks and eyes or hem the cuffs.

Instead, I sit in the dark with all the fans on.  Kidding!  There are a lot of nice restaurant patios in my neighborhood so I've been having a lot of evening drinks just as it's starting to cool down.  Fun, but not very conducive to sewing.

So as not to end this post with a whimper, or Joaquin Pheonix, I will leave you with this inspiration from Diane von Furstenberg.  How does she use giant prints in such a beautiful way?  Me, I'll probably use the giant print that I have in my stash (and cause for searching inspiration) in as simple a design a possible.

Diane von Furstenberg dress

Diane von Furstenberg dress (see more diane von furstenberg dresses)