Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm still here.

Yes, I'm here.  It's been a while.

Where have I been, if not sewing and writing about it?  I spilled water on my computer at the end of May, and finally got a replacement about a week ago.  That said, I have 2 unfinished pairs of pants that I just can't get myself to try on for hemming.  Remember how I said I live in a shoebox?  Allow me to correct myself:  I live in an oven.  The natural light that I loved in the winter turns my apartment into a greenhouse in the summertime.  I am just not in the mood to curl up with a pair of wool pants (or anything for that matter) to sew hooks and eyes or hem the cuffs.

Instead, I sit in the dark with all the fans on.  Kidding!  There are a lot of nice restaurant patios in my neighborhood so I've been having a lot of evening drinks just as it's starting to cool down.  Fun, but not very conducive to sewing.

So as not to end this post with a whimper, or Joaquin Pheonix, I will leave you with this inspiration from Diane von Furstenberg.  How does she use giant prints in such a beautiful way?  Me, I'll probably use the giant print that I have in my stash (and cause for searching inspiration) in as simple a design a possible.

Diane von Furstenberg dress

Diane von Furstenberg dress (see more diane von furstenberg dresses)


  1. Glad you are still around! I know what you mean with the heat... hopefully things will cool off soon!

  2. Hello, a restaurant patio sounds like a fine idea to me, sewing can wait a bit. I love the current DVF looks, so inspiring, that dress you picked is gorgeous.

  3. Sorry to hear about your computer. Glad you are back :-)

  4. Mm. how about a bit of really utilitarian sewing, shades lined with mylar? Really reflects that heat. You wouldn't have to be in the dark all the time, just keep them down when you're at work during the worst of the heat, and fan away when you get home.
    And you'd have a warm shoebox in the winter :-)..

  5. DVF really is great with the prints. I wouldn't have attempted draping like that with such a huge print, but it is clearly so well thought out there that it totally works.

    Good luck with the oven situation. Patio drinks seem like the best solution.

  6. I too live in a small oven, in a country that's dealing with electrical shortages... and to top it off, my camera broke, so I have no photographic proof of sewing! Pass the iced tea, please.