Saturday, October 6, 2012

Clambake dress: Tracy Reese Vogue 1157

I love this dress.  Besides being a major sewing accomplishment (pattern regrading, full bust adjustment, hand picked zipper!) I love wearing it.  It's such a girly silhouette and in this gingham, cutely preppy.  With a sweater over it, I look like I'm ready for a summer clambake.  I haven't gone to a clambake yet in this dress (not really the crowd I run with) but it has been to work a few times and a wedding rehearsal. 

Front view

Side/back view, the sleeve ruffles just so at the back.

Back.  The back arguably shows a lot of back for work, but a sweater solves the too-much-skin issue.

If Lee had his way, I would style the sleeves like this every time I wear this dress.