Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Summer Vogue patterns

Everyone else is posting their picks, and here are mine.  They're pretty much divided into "I wish I had a reason to wear this," and "I love this but don't know how I would wear it."  I'm just going to pick a few views of the ones I like best.  Which ones do you want to sew?  Or wish you could sew?

Let's start with I wish I had a reason to wear this...

Lia Lia 1304.  How have I never heard of this label before?  I love this dress.  I could see it done casual in a cotton lawn or dotted swiss.  It would look awesome in a lightweight plaid suiting. I have a champagne crepe back satin that would be great for this dress.  And, Lee's sister is getting married at the end of the summer so I'd have the chance to wear this.  The skirt alone is worth the pattern.  I love the asymmetrical pleats.

And here is the back.  How cute is the sunback?

Lia Lia 1305.  One thing that I'm not sure about with these lia Lia designs is that I don't really have a lot of time for standing around with my right hand on my head.  Still, this dress is awesome.  There's a long sleeve (one sleeve) version as well, but I like the short sleeve version.  I could see shortening this, but this certainly doesn't fit into my hum drum lifestyle.

And now on to what I love but wouldn't know how to wear.
Issey Miyake 1309.  This is such an interesting top.  I could see wearing it with skinnies, but it deserves much more than that.
A second view of 1309.  This is definitely not work appropriate without a sweater or jacket.
Vogue 8821.  This has so many interesting things going on: volume, short-long hem, scallops!  And you have to stand like this all day to show it all off.  I don't think I have that in me.


  1. Love your comment about V1305 that made me chukle... Vogue has some intresting patterns this season, I can not wait to see them made up!

  2. I ordered a few today just before the sale ended (including the Miyake), like you there were lots I loved but I knew I wouldn't really get to wear them so I tried to be a bit restrained and sensible. You would totally rock that red dress, I think you should go for it, it will look just as good without your hand on your head I am sure!

  3. I ordered five of them yesterday while they were still on sale. I actually ordered that first one. I will have to raise the neckline and lengthen it a little.

  4. I found them all not very practical- there are so many vogue patterns I love, but ( apart from the red dress) the rest didn't appeal to me as much. I like to be practical about where and when will it is possible to wear. Over here- not really

  5. I am always walking around with my right hand on my head. You should try it. :P BMV's new mania for "posing" in their garment photos is so annoying. Seriously. You're not selling us a lifestyle, you're selling us a pattern for a specific item of clothing.