Saturday, April 14, 2012

Love it, but how to wear it?

I made another tunic but this one doesn't tuck in very well.  In fact, I don't know how to wear it.  I could wear it with jeans, but jeans get old.  I don't wear leggings.  I made the pants shown in the pattern photo, and for whatever reason when I try to tuck in the shirt I can't get it to look as smooth as they've styled it.  And this just doesn't work with a skirt.  So here I am with a shirt that I love but don't know how to wear.

Burda 7665.  Too cool for school?  The hem is not shirt-tailed, it falls that way because of the deep pleat in the back.

Burda 7220.  I made the pleated pants shown on the model and can't get the styling right.
Without further ado, here are some photos of the shirt on me.  I made it from this plaid Dana Buchman silk/cotton blend at Fabric Mart.  The fabric is great, I like the weight and the uneven, oversized plaid.  The plaid was slightly off grain, so I didn't bother to match it on seams.  The fit is great in the shoulders, and the deep pleats in the front and back add a lot of volume.  The cowl is very drapey and in this fabric falls quite nicely.

Cool cuff variation.  It's cut-on with the sleeve, with a pleated closure. 


  1. I just posted on the tops blog that I really like your shirt. I like the way you are wearing it out.

  2. I think it would look incredible tucked in to a high-waisted pencil skirt. Something like this: (which is very similar to V8425 (OOP) or the Burda Kasia skirt pattern. HTH! :-)

  3. I've been daydreaming about this pattern, and your version looks great. I think tucked in to a slim skirt. To wear it out you should look into a pair of slim ankle pants in black, grey, or white.

  4. This is actually a remake of a 1980s Issey Miyake.. You're supposed to wear it loose and baggy :-).