Monday, March 29, 2010

Longest crotch in the east

After my 3 month ordeal with the lined wool pants, I decided I wanted something quick and easy. Like a new pair of jeans. I decided to reprise my skinny pants from the Burda 8/2009 issue, but in denim with jeans style topstitching and patch pockets. You'd think this would be a slam dunk. I'd think so too. I am so desperate for a new pair of jeans that I decided to just sew with what is at hand, so there are three different colors of topstitching as I ran out of thread and decided to try to make it look like a design element... Aside from the beige, dark brown, and rust topstitching, and the fact that I haven't finished the hems yet, there is a bigger problem.

The shape of the legs is good. Back looks okay.

Front is okay... kind of.

Promise not to laugh? Here's what it looks like if you can actually see the front.
Longest crotch ever! I don't think the zip is supposed to be the length of the entire pant front, though this is how the pattern is marked... it looks so Busy-Hands-At-Home-y... At this point, I think I might just toss these. What a waste of otherwise good fabric!


  1. With your blouse on the outside, who will know? I wouldn't toss them.

  2. I'm with KMQ. They look great with the top over them, and if they are comfortable, I'd keep them and just only wear them untucked.

  3. thanks for the votes of confidence, ladies! This may be a good excuse for making longish, flowy blouses this spring. :)

  4. OK, that is kind of a crazy long fly. But I agree the pants are otherwise fab and you should just wear them with long shirts.

  5. OMG, the title of this post is hilarious.

    Isn't the high-waist look in anymore, over the low-rise, thong-exposing variety? I like them! Ok, they are a little long-crotched, but they don't look terrible. (In the pics at least.) Great color denim!

  6. They look too good to be tossed. With long shirts you will still have a lot of wear from these.

  7. Hi Meli88a,
    I just found your blog from your comment on mine - not sure how I missed a fellow petite sewer. Anyway, I have been on a pants sewing mission for the last 3 months because I too need work appropriate clothing that fits my short frame. I ended up using a vintage pattern for low rise jeans that I added pockets too, and I have done both dressy tab front trousers and jeans using this one. The only modifications I needed to make to it were to straighten the hip line and shorten the legs. What size are you? If you are close to me I can trace off a copy and send it to you, I think you'll like the end result. I have even used it to make pants for one of my professors (she's 5'3", 110lbs) and they looked great on her. They work great as jeans, too, if you redraft the pockets. Let me know if you want a copy of this with all of my pocket modifications and I can send it to you.

    Oh, and I had a job interview suit crisis as well two weeks ago. I made a black pinstripe skirt suit - jacket and pencil skirt. I figure that one suit will work for any situation.