Sunday, March 28, 2010

A huge difference in 1"

I wore the gray pants to work on Thursday, and on Friday and decided not to make any changes to them or the black pants. Here are photos (the far right are the black pair), of Burda 07-2009-102 in daylight... Can you tell the difference between what I'm doing differently today from Thursday? I'm wearing 3" instead of 2" heels. It's amazing how much better the pant legs fit with a little more length to drape!
And so you can see the pocket and waistband detail (photographing dark gray and black are tricky!) here is an overexposed view.
I am considering making a jacket to match the black pair (there's enough extra fabric left to do so) but the fabric was so fussy that I think it might be better to use it for something simpler, like a skirt or a sheath dress...


  1. Great job. It is amazing the difference 1" can make!

  2. The look great! The fit in back is really nice.