Thursday, February 17, 2011

7 things.

Thanks Kerry!  I'm a total sucker for flattery.  I did the 7 things about a year ago, and here a 7 more.

The rules are slightly different this time around:

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Award 15 recently discovered bloggers
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award

1 and 2, I can do.  I always break chain letters, end email chains, I'm a party pooper, I know.  I guess that's a freebie fact about me.

1. I have a tattoo that I've been meaning to have embellished, but haven't done so because I can't stand to sit still for that long.  I mean, seriously sit still -- you're not supposed to heavily sweat for 4-6 weeks after going under the needles or you'll bleed out the ink.  It's probably just as well because I'd probably have covered my back by now.

2. Speaking of heavily sweating, I still have yet to complete a marathon without crying like a little girl.

3. Peggy is my favorite Mad Men character.  Everyone seems to love Joan (and I don't deny that she's gorgeous), but every time Peggy is featured on that show, I think "there's my girl!"  I bought some black check buffalo plaid to make a shirt inspired by this dress that she wore in a few episodes of (I think) Season 2.  Then I cut the fabric off-grain.
Oh Peggy, can we be best friends?
4. I have a hard time concentrating without some music in the background.

5.  I used to joke that if I could get paid to sleep, I would accept the position.  And then I found out what happens to people who do those paid sleep studies.  And I haven't joked about getting paid to sleep since then.

6.  I am not on the cutting edge of technology.  I finally joined the 21st century by getting a text plan this summer.  Now I don't know how I ever spent so much time talking into my phone.

7.  That said, I am a veteran Mac user.  I have two at home, and my last two employers provided me one of my choice so that any given time I had three Macs.  At my current job I have a PC and am having a hell of a time trying to figure out how to get anything done. 


  1. I usually break the chain letter email/blog things too. Notice I awarded you but did not notify you? I figure if you see it and want to participate, great. If not, no big deal.

    Now, about seems that they are extremely popular in the local cycling community, which leads me to believe that the heavy sweating thing can be ignored. I've got several friends who are professional cyclists and they ride every day and they are COVERED with ink. Not sure if this is good advice or not.

    As for sleep studies - after interviewing for jobs all spring and summer in the area of clinical research, I finally got an offer to do recruiting for a sleep study center in Boston, but I turned it down because I didn't want to drive that far and I decided to go back into teaching and only have an 8 mile commute to work. But I could have easily been administering those studies.

    And I never commented last week because I have been super busy with work and training, but I love your skinny pants. I still have not mastered them yet. I just broke down and bought two pairs of skinny jeans/jeggings from Old Navy and Gap Kids.

  2. I'm with you on the tech front. I have a pre-paid cell phone. I can text, but no photos and no data. I cannot imagine spending $100+per month on a cell phone!!!! I infinitely prefer my land line.

  3. I'm a Peggy fan too - I love all those fabulous plaid dresses she wears!