Sunday, March 13, 2011

Favorite shirt, twice in paisley: Burda 09-2009-105

I am noticing a trend in my wardrobe.  There's plenty of paisley and I went on a fuchsia fabric kick a while back so there's a lot of that in stash and soon to be in my working life.  I never got around to sewing the shirt I was planning to sew from the September issue.  I found a plain button down shirt pattern in the same issue that I thought would be perfect for some dotted swiss paisley in my stash (pretty loud, when it comes down to it) and it turns out that it was a good match.  A good match for the fabric and for me, as far as having a good basic in my wardrobe.

Here's Burda's version in a subdued business blue.  It's a classic shirt, vented cuffs, shirt tail hem, and yoked back.  I love the fit and that the collar is small and flattering.
Burda 09-2009-105, to be accessorized with glasses and a paper cup.
 Here's the first version of this shirt I made, in November, in dotted swiss paisley.
Dotted swiss paisley button down, front
Dotted swiss paisley button down, back
This is my second shirt, which I finished this week, in yellow paisley cotton lawn and yellow buttons.  I think that after it's washed it'll feel more like the first shirt, which is my favorite.  This yellow shirt seems to have more ease in it, and I'm not quite sure why.  Having put the shirts on one after the other for photos this morning, I think I forgot to fold out the ease in the upper sleeve on the pattern while cutting out this shirt.  It makes a difference in how the sleeves fit, and I'll have to pay attention the next time I make this shirt.  There will be a next time!
Paisley cotton lawn, front
Yellow paisley cotton lawn, back.  Extra ease in the sleeve cap?


  1. Not hard to see why that first shirt is your favorite! I like both but I'm more partial to the color and paisleys in the first one. Nice!

  2. These shirts are beautiful - I love the fabrics you chose. Great job!

  3. Great shirts! Beautiful fit and fabulous fabrics.

  4. I LOVE paisley, they are both so cute :)

  5. Lovely shirts. Your fabric choice has made them perfect. I can never work out how to wear collared shirts without looking like I'm off to a business meeting. I love the ones on the jcrew site and yours remind me of theirs.

  6. OOoo... very pretty! The paisley print is so perfect... I'm so jealous of all the things you've been making. :D

  7. Perfectly fit shirt. LOVE IT!

  8. What great blouses! I didn't notice this pattern (probably because I'm not a basics girl) but I love the way they turned out. You're right about the scale of the collar, very feminine.

  9. They both look great! Love the paisley!