Thursday, December 3, 2009

Things I don't sew.

I'm traveling again for work which means in the evenings, after my meetings, I think about all the things I could be doing at home. Sounds glamorous, eh? My job is neither that nor lucrative. It takes me to places like exotic Columbus, Ohio and thrilling Long Island, New York.

Wah, wah, wah, I know.

This blog is not about whining, it's about sewing! And in this case, not sewing!

I've sewn most of my clothes, but there are a few things that i just won't sew. They can be categorized into the fabric scares me or it's cheaper to buy than to make, or it looks bad. This post is inspired by the current Patagonia fabrics sale at Fashion Fabrics Club. I run and climb, and Patagucci makes the best active clothing ever. You can sweat like a pig but your shirt will magically stay dry and stink-free. Their clothing is worth every penny, and they are not paying me to say that. However, buying their fabric to make my own t-shirts? File that under the fabric scares me.

so without further ado, here are my lists:
this fabric scares me
technical knit
technical woven
multi ply silk
slinky (it just sounds like a nightmare)

cheaper to buy than to make

t shirts

it looks bad
corduroy pants*
small floral print

Of course, these lists are subject to change. Up until 3 years ago, jeans were on the list of cheaper to buy than to make. And then I figured out how to make them fit and haven't looked back. How about you? Anything you think I've left out?

*I plead guilty to having made, worn, and loved corduroy pants but after seeing this photo of myself from the back in black corduroy, I don't see the need to wear something that gets all poochy, nappy, and faded on my butt and knees. No more corduroy pants! From now on, corduroy will only be worn above the waist!


  1. I'll bet in a couple of years you will have sewn some of those fabrics and be an expert. Thanks for the mention of the Patagonia fabrics. At dinner I got a request from one of my guys, who is tall and skinny, for a new hoody with sleeves that were "long enough". The only way will be to make it. The pattern is in the Dec issue of Burda, now I have found the fabric. Yeah!

  2. Doing some Christmas shopping last night, I saw a silk chiffon tie-neck blouse at the Banana Repbulic outlet on clearance for $9. It would take days to make, and would probably cost more than $9. It reminded me of a few Forever 21 (I *know*. Worn under a cardi/jacket, you can't even tell they are F21) blouses I have the cost about the same. Because of the time involved, blouses may be something that are easier for me to buy than sew.