Monday, December 14, 2009

Burda 10/2005 #133: What to wear to get thrown out of a Cavs game

Last year, Lee and his roommate went to Cleveland during the playoffs to watch the Celtics-Cavaliers game. Now, Lee has a special sense of style and is one of those people who can pull off almost anything. Crazy plaid mohair suit? Yes. Giant rabbit fur hat with earflaps? Yes. Sharkskin silk suit? Yes.

So, naturally, the thing he wanted for the game was a kelly green suit.

I'm not about to try out whatever suit making mojo I might imagine to have, so this is what he got for Christmas... a Celtics shirt! Kelly green with bright orange buttons. The fabric looks like nasty quilting cotton, but surprisingly it's a stretch poly/cotton blend.

The collar stand has an interesting pointy detail.

I drafted the sleeve vent bands by enlarging a pattern piece from a Vogue shirt pattern in my stash.

The shirt is a little on the large side. I didn't have any of Lee's shirts at hand, and was going from his telling me that he'd just bought a size 40 jacket. It's so much easier to sew a men's shirt than a women's shirt... there's so much more space to make a flat felled seam in the sleeve! Lee is happy with his shirt and I might make more in less obnoxious fabric and smaller size.


  1. You can do flat felled seams inside sleeves?! I'm impressed!

  2. Aw shucks, I didn't think it was so impressive!

  3. Great job on the shirt! It looks like Lee can pull it off... definitely not something my husband could pull off so I probably won't be making him a Spurs shirt. :)

  4. LOVEEEEEEE the shirt. Lee is wearing it well. I've purchased fabric, but I have yet to make my husband a shirt. It's on the list for this coming year.