Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A rainhat for my mommy

Last week was a rush of finishing gifts, and trying to wrap up some work projects before the end of the year. I was successful at the gift finishing... the work projects, not so much. At least I'll have something to do in January when I go back!

Have you ever bought an album for one song? Well, I bought this book for one hat, and it turns out the pattern wasn't in the book!

That said, it's a fun book even if some of the hat instructions are, "buy a hat, put a ribbon on it like this."

The last time I was home, my mother who is of a certain age pulled out a little rain bonnet to cover her hair in the rain. I understand wanting to look a little older than you are (people always think I'm at least 5 years younger than I really am) but this is too much! A cute rainhat was in order.

I had some rainwear microfiber left over from an attempt at making a raincoat (funny I didn't have that on my list of no-sew, because I have no plans to ever sew any rubberized fabric after this! The hat went together very quickly. I used a microtex needle and lined it with a lightweight stretch cotton from my stash. There was a slight smell of burnt rubber when I was done -- all finished in less than 2 hours!

For the record, I have a small head, as does my mom.


  1. I got this book for Christmas. I was a bit disappointed by the fedora section as well ("materials: a vintage fedora"... ummm?). I'm glad there are some cute actual hat patterns - great job on yours!

  2. Thanks! I was actually hoping to get the pattern for the equestrian hat (the girl in the horse shirt with the riding crop is wearing it.) Maybe one day after I sew the 6,285 other things on my list I'll see about modifying the baseball cap pattern...

  3. Nice job on this hat. I've seen this book on Amazon and have thought of buying it many times.