Tuesday, November 17, 2009

this up next: Fleece robe

Thanks for the compliments on my jacket and ideas for what to do about the sleeves. When I read A Sewn Wardrobe's idea about a stray string getting caught in the sleeve (and so making it bunchy) I was so hopeful that it would be that easy a fix. It wasn't. I sucked it up last night and opened up the jacket, took up the sleeves at the shoulder. In all, I took out 1" of shoulder ease and 1/2" in the rest of the sleeve. It didn't completely fix the problem (it's still a little bunchy) and now the sleeves are kind of snug on my upper arms. But it looks much better and the half hour of ripping stitches and pinning (pins in armpits are no fun, ask me how I know!) was worthwhile because now I'll actually wear this jacket. I'll post pictures this weekend.

The next thing I'm sewing is this robe as a Christmas gift for my dad. [Aside: Isn't this envelope hilarious? It's like the Bennetton sleepover and that glasses guy with the little red book is going to end up falling asleep first and getting toilet papered.]

With this fabric which I paid an embarrassing amount for, just because it has the Patriots print on it.

It was twice the price of unprinted fleece! But this is for my dad, and I'm willing to put my biases aside... I don't really sew with Butterick -- so dowdy looking! I'm a total sucker for good illustration. And I don't really care for football, unless we're talking about the Steelers. But that said, I know this will turn out well and will be something that my dad will like.


  1. So I've been stalking this sewing blog of yours for a few posts now, and I love it! It's great to see posts about both successes and not-quite perfect jackets. It's encouraging for a super beginner like myself to see that even good seamstresses don't get it right every time.

    But truthfully, I really just decided to comment so I could say, "Yay Steelers!" I love when people outside of Pittsburgh root for them too. :D Cheers!

  2. Ugh, sorry it wasn't an easy fix. That would have been way too easy, huh?

    I'm a Steelers fan, too! I'm originally from that area. Hubby is a Giants fan. Perhaps I should make him a Giants robe for Christmas...! Could you post pics of the finished robe?

  3. I'm sure your dad will love the robe! It's a great Chrismas gift idea... maybe I should make one for my dad, but with Cowboys fleece.

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