Sunday, November 15, 2009

So close...

This is the jacket, from Burda 1/2006, that I'm basing mine on. I didn't really pay much attention to this jacket when the magazine came out because the fabrics are not what I'd choose.

I'm almost done... I thought I was done until I tried the jacket on and the vents are all wonky so that the sleeves don't fall smoothly. I'm at a loss for how to fix this except for folding up the sleeves, which works well and all but I do want to be able to wear this jacket without adjusting the sleeves. Any thoughts?


  1. Sometimes a thread gets caught on the sleeve of my RTW jackets, and the sleeve gathers up on itself. I tug the sleeve to get the thread straight, which puts it back into shape. When it happens, it looks like the sleeve situation going on in your pictures. Perhaps a few yanks could make the sleeve lie properly!? It's too bad, b/c the jacket is great!

    The pattern would not have jumped out at me either; the Burda original is awful.

  2. The Burda original does not look good at all. I don't have much experience with long sleeves or jackets so I can't help you there, but I love the jacket. Love the lining... it's so pretty!

  3. I definitely love your version better and the lining is beautiful. Try what Rachel said, hopefully it will work.