Sunday, November 22, 2009

Getting in touch with my inner prep: Burda 1/06 Henley jacket

...and not getting in touch with my camera. Half of my photos when taking pictures of this jacket came out like this.

I'll spare you those and show some pictures of the fixed sleeves, lining, and trim up close. As you may recall from this post, I was having problems with the sleeve hem. I ended up taking out the sleeves, trimming 1/2" around off the top (1" in the shoulder) and setting them back in. There is very little ease in the upper arms now... and I have pretty scrawny arms. This jacket is pretty cozy and it's like wearing a sweater, so I don't lament not being able to wear a sweater under it.

The fabric is a heavy wool tweed from and the trim is black crepe back satin that I had in stash.

Here is a picture showing the lining.

Here is a picture of the trim. The trim goes on the facing and front pieces, as well as the upper collar. I don't have a good picture of the sleeve trim... it's one of the blurry photos I took.

This photo also shows a little secret. I used some of the trim fabric for the collar stand on the outside. I was trying to squeeze a jacket that needed 1 3/4 yards of fabric out of 1 1/2 yards and there was no way I could get two collar stands out of it while cutting all the other pieces out!

And another little secret? The upper collar on one side of the jacket turned out a little higher than the other side. Betcha can't tell from the photos which one it is... and I hope no one else but me notices!


  1. Very nice jacket. And it looks great on you!

  2. Beautiful jacket, love the black edges. It really is similar to one of the patterns I'm thinking about.

  3. Just lovely! The lining is fantastic. Wherever did you find it?

    It's very professorial looking. I love the tweed with those buttons!