Sunday, March 25, 2012

Meandering with fabric

Sometimes you have a piece of fabric that just opens all options for you.  I bought this piece of wool striped jersey with plans to sew the Burda twist top after I saw it on Allison's blog.  Then when I got it, I wanted a long sleeve top like Jenny's.  It seemed to be everything I wanted, though just days before her post I would have told you that the twist top was everything I wanted.  It had an interesting neckline, and when I traced out  the pattern it even had markings to make lining the stripes up easier.  Of course, because I'd only bought enough fabric for a short sleeve shirt, I couldn't get the pieces for the long sleeve shirt to fit.  At this point, any reasonable adult would have gone back to his or her original plan.  But NOT ME.

I found another long sleeve shirt in Burda 02-2010 with a sweetheart neckline, completely different in every way from my first plan.  And if I had read any reviews (and there are plenty because I am really late to the game on this), or made a muslin (which I didn't because I didn't want to pause in the case that I changed my mind yet again), I would have learned that the neckline is ridiculously wide and deep.  It is so wide that it is almost an off shoulder top.  It is so deep that even a plunge bra won't work with it.  I am not a shy person when it comes to necklines or hemlines, but this is a little bit much for me.  I added lingerie straps to keep things in place.  Lee loves this shirt.

Front.  The lingerie straps pull the front up a little so that the  bustline doesn't fall where it ought to.  The alternative is to show the world my bra, which isn't really an alternative.  So I'll take the bustline in the wrong place.

Back, which fortunately offers more coverage than the front.

I have been sewing a lot but haven't had time to take pictures.  I don't know how everyone else manages to make so many posts!  For me, it's a choice between sewing and putting together a post.

Next up is either a skirt or a remake of the red pants I'm wearing in the above photos.  The pants will be turquoise this time around. 


  1. That issue is the one Burda issue I am missing from the past 3 years, grrr! Nice top, I'm not surprised Lee likes it;-)
    I know what you mean about choosing between posting and sewing.

  2. It looks really good the way you are wearing it. Great solution!

    I can't believe all the posts you have made recently, with such lovely things, and I only turned my back for five minutes and missed them all! Wonderful shirts, wonderful have been sewing like a woman possessed!

  3. This shirt is pretty cute. :-) Your fixes have it working pretty good for you, and I can see why Lee would like might need to stock up on hankies for when you wear it. ;-)

    As for the time to post, I thought you were doing pretty good here lately. Just find a rhythm that works for you and roll with it. I've discovered I like blogging more (and it's faster) now that I don't overthink it so much.

  4. I am amused by "Lee loves this shirt" (I am assuming Lee is a significant other). If I accidentally make something too tight and/or too short, the boyfriend is thrilled! (Even though I feel like a stuffed sausage.)

  5. I smiled too at the "Lee loves this shirt" remark! :)
    Awesome job with the stripe matching, and I reckon it is a very cute shirt. The ruched details at the neckline is just right. If you feel too exposed could you wear a little camisole underneath?

  6. Lovely little top, although I know what you mean about the neckline - Burdastyle patterns are always too low cut! Can you wear a little something under it? A dress even?

    Me too with blogging - the nights I post I am not sewing :-(.

    1. Thanks for the idea to wear a dress under this top -- I hadn't even considered that, but it opens a lot of options.

  7. I really like this top on you! I think the neckline is very pretty but I would probably be uncomfortable with the neckline as well. I would wear a camisole underneath- maybe one with lace trim to peak out. Good idea on the lingerie straps too!

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