Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Almost perfect shirt

I'm in pursuit of a fitted button down shirt.  I have several shirts I like but they are a bit casual.  I made a comparison in my last post.  This shirt is Burda 10-2009-105, which is fitted with front and back darts and narrow sleeves.  It is also longer than my other dress shirts.  I left the double fold out of the back (I'm sorry I can't think of how better to explain this and can't navigate Burda's website to find a line drawing), shortened the sleeves 1/2 inch, and changed the sleeve vent from men's style vent to an easy bias bound vent.
This is how I wore it to work today.  The fabric is a woven pin, which looks a little hypnotic in these photos.
It tucks in well, I think because it is so long.  I also went a little crazy with Photoshop and did something weird to my neck.

I was really happy with it until I saw this photo.  Lee assures me that shirts do this in the back.

The collar is way too big to wear buttoned up, which is a look I've been into lately.
I am going to make this again, changing out the collar for a smaller one... and then I think I have my perfect shirt!


  1. I like your shirt and think you did a great job on it.

  2. I think you are well on your way to the perfect shirt. :-)

  3. I'm keen on shirtmaking at the moment too. I love the colour of your latest. It is neutral without being boring.

  4. It's a great shirt! I'd be proud to make one as nice as that!

  5. Nice fit on that--sounds like you've got the details almost perfect (though the collar doesn't look crazy huge, if you're worried).

  6. It looks really lovely, and well-fitted! Well done!
    Incidentally, "button-down" shirt is a tailor's term that describes a shirt in which the collar buttons down to the body of the shirt. I know it is used a lot in sewing blogs to describe a shirt that buttons up the front, so I checked it out and found out its real meaning. Interesting, huh?