Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Some fall planning

I've done a little examining my fabric stash, ahem, horde and thinking of how to use some of it for new clothes this fall. I have bought some more fabric, with ideas of what I want to make next. A list, for what it's worth:

  1. Pants. I think my butt has gotten bigger. Strange, I know. You're probably wondering how this happened, and I am too. I haven't stopped running, and I've started climbing too, so I don't know why I'm having trouble getting into my jeans. But I am, and this is trouble because I only have like 3 pairs of pants. So it's time to make some pants. I have some red/wine colored stretch sateen in the stash that I bought years ago to make into a dress, that I think will become a pair of pants. I have also bought more denim to make into another pair of skinny jeans, because my skinny jeans are just a little too tight now!
  2. A midweight jacket. I'd like a semi-fitted hip length jacket that I can wear into late October/early November.
  3. Two or three button down shirts.
  4. The cozy. After seeing Christina's version of the DKNY cozy, I want one too! This is really the coolest thing since velcro on shoes. After you watch this video, you'll probably want one too.

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