Tuesday, August 4, 2009

mad menned

Lee has been visiting for the last 10 days (lucky me, I should say!) so I've been doing little sewing. I'm about halfway through a linen pullover top, made from fabric that I originally bought to make Lee a pair of drawstring pants a few years ago... I brought the fabric home and he said it was way too girly. Lucky for me, I'll say again!

I bought this vintage dress pattern on ebay last week, and it arrived yesterday. It was just too cute to resist. When I moved in December, I got rid of half of my patterns -- I sold them all on ebay or gave them to the Salvation Army. I decided that now that I live in a much smaller space (having traded a one bedroom apartment for one room in a shared room apartment) that I should be choosier about what I buy for my everloving hobby that encourages my hording leanings. That is, I should buy patterns that have some possibility of fitting (likely to be my size) and that I could likely see wearing. So, no amazonian sized patterns and no evening dresses. And this is what I have: look at the buttons on the collar! The buttons on the back! So cute. I think I'll make the straight skirt version and hem it at the knee instead of below the knee.
I'm just not sure how it will fit yet because as you can see below, it has dolman sleeves. I bought and made another vintage dress pattern off of ebay that had similar sleeves and it turned out to be a very loose fit, as opposed to the like-a-glove-fit shown in the pattern envelope illustration. this would be good reason to make a muslin. We shall see. I'm always too excited to make a muslin, though I'm sure it would be worthwhile.

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