Friday, July 6, 2012

Butterick 5561: A grown-up t-shirt

I used to think Butterick was the frumpy maiden aunt of the Butterick-McCall's-Vogue family, but now I am convinced that Butterick is that younger sisterly aunt of the family.  You know, the one who will take you out to buy that outfit your mom won't let you buy?  But the same one who makes sure it isn't too short?

I love this shirt.  It's breezy and easy to wear.  I sewed it up in a peachy gray silk that I've moved no fewer than 3 times (worth holding onto!) that feels cool and refreshing against your skin.  In between these photos, Lee was asking if it would stop puffing up, it catches the breeze so well.  This is a grown-up's t-shirt, made in silk and easy to wear.  I'm wearing it here in jeans, but wore it yesterday with a pair of wide leg linen pants to work.  The cut is modern and has a great shape to it. 

I sewed this in a size 8, the smallest available size.  I figured regrading it down to a size 6 would make the sleeves too narrow, and that's saying a lot about how narrow the sleeves are because if anyone has twiggy arms it's me.

Butterick 5561.  I love the front pleat and gathers at the neckline.  I do not love that I'm a wrinkle magnet.
And from the side.  Isn't the pleat in the sleeve great?  It adds a little dimension of interest without being frilly.  The shoulders fit well and the drape isn't maternity-like.

A view from the back.  Can you see the 4" of stitching in a light blue, where I ran out of gray thread?  Right, I didn't think so!

As you can see from the deceptively demure pattern illustration, there is no hint that this simple design could have some edgier elements.  I can easily see making up all the variations in the future, having sewn this one up (I made the turquoise model in the lower left).
Butterick 5561 envelope illustration.


  1. It's lovely and looks great on you! I laughed at your description of Butterick. I have the same impression of them, but I sewed up a Butterick top yesterday, and I actually love it. I guess we should pay better attention to our maiden aunts! :)

  2. I agree, it is a very great top. I'm a top fanatic as you already know. Every once and a while we do run into a pattern that has just the right mix of design and fit, and it just makes us feel real special when we wear it. I know the feeling - enjoy it!!!

  3. It looks great. I have this pattern and I have made it up in the same variation as you but in fabric that looks incredibly similar to the one on the bottom right. I love the pleat in the front and the sleeve pleat but it was too small for my upper arm. I don't really have big arms but this was small. Having said that I cut an 8 i think and it should have been a 10. I love it in the grey too and I just picked up a remnant in grey so will try that in summer too.

  4. Cute top! Love the style and the color!

  5. It looks great on you. Unfortunately I waisted a lovely piece of silk on this pattern because I didn't take enough care with the fitting.

  6. Perfect! This is exactly what we need for summer-a lightweight top that's comfy and stylish, without being overworked or in need of additional layers. Nice job and I dig the color!

  7. So pretty, chic and elegant, and the "grown-up Tshirt" is a perfect description! I love this top and this colour on you!
    Thank you for your comment on my blog; I used wide (20cm) double-edged lace for the lingerie set.

  8. Ah, a silk tshirt, how luxurious. Your version looks so much nicer than the pattern envelope, but looking at it with fresh eyes after seeing your edgier version I think all the views would be great too.

  9. I have this pattern in my stash and after seeing yours I think I might have to pull it out sooner rather than later. I love your version and the silk definitely gives it a nice touch.