Monday, May 2, 2011

Magic: the belt, or dressing like a grown up.

I'm at work earlier than I've ever been, and I figure it's time for an uncharacteristic At-Work post.  I'm wearing my new slouchy pants, friends, and I wanted to thank you for your suggestions about fit and style...

Thank you for all the lovely compliments on my new pants.  I am a huge fan too.  I look more Katherine Hepburn than Audrey Hepburn today, there's just something about a wide leg trouser that's still fitted in the waist and hips.

The Slapdash Sewist had a very interesting suggestion to insert elastic into the waistband.  This is a great idea, and if I wasn't lazy I'd pick the waistband open and get right to it.

Many of you had the wonderful styling suggestion of wearing the slouchy pants with a white shirt -- so chic!  Sadly, I don't have a white button down shirt (it's on my long list of Things To Sew One Day), but I am wearing a fitted floral shirt from my pre-blogging days and... a belt.

Burda 03-2009-106 in a loud floral print.
A belt!  I don't know if you've noticed but I almost never ever sew belt loops on my pants because I hate wearing belts.  I decided with these pants that the belt loops made the look -- you don't see men's pants without belt loops.  And, I was lucky the last time I was at GoodWill and there was a size S brown perfectly aged leather belt for just $3, so I figured I might as well pick it up.  I decided to break the belt out with these pants today and... who knew -- wearing a belt actually can serve a purpose: holding up your pants so that they fit properly.  And, it's an easy simple accessory that defines your waist.  Two birds, one stone.  Imagine that.


  1. I also never wear a belt. I am lazy and I like to be comfortable. But, you are right, a belt really does define your waist and pants hang better if they stay up on your waist.

  2. First if I can compare myself to either Audrey or Katherine Hepburn I consider it a great day. I really love wearing belts, they give such a nice emphasis to the whole feminine shape we are all going for :)

  3. The whole look is fabulous, I like the idea of pairing quite masculine pants with a delicate floral shirt.

  4. Hee. I bought a pair of cheap jeans and they stretch out horribly. I found myself wearing a functional belt with them and it was so odd! I wear belts all the time, but they are always purely decorative. Love the look you have going here!

  5. I love the print on that shirt! Will you show another picture of it - pretty please?