Friday, April 30, 2010

I have a type: lots of ties and twists

Let's take a trip back in time, to a time before there was this blog. Say, back to 2004. It was a time when I took photos with my camera phone (you can see me holding it in the second photo), and a time to make both of these shirts.
In 2006, that first top disappeared and I replaced it (that's the nice thing about being able to sew) with this toile version that I still wear regularly.
Two years ago, I experimented with a little color, and there was this.
I would continue, but you get the idea. This isn't post wasn't meant to turn into a retrospective of my personal style...

And today, there's this, made from the Vogue Rachel Comey top and skirt pattern (1170) that I posted about here. You'll see it fits my type very well. I like it untucked, but I think that there's a reason why the model is wearing it tucked in. It bulges in weird places when it's not tucked in... Luckily, it's not misbehaving in my photos. It's made from a light cotton voile with a vintage-y print that I'm pretty sure I bought to make a similar top -- and has since been sitting in my stash for years.
I followed the directions to a T, even though my intuition told me I could make the narrow hems just as well with a narrow zig zag and trimming the fabric. I do like the narrow hems, they really make the vintage inspired look, which you can see on the sleeve tie.
I probably could have gone a size down, but figured with such light and flowy fabric it would be OK to try this in a size 10 to see how it would fit. I think this will be great in the summer when it's super hot and sticky. It is very loose, and this knot shifts around a bit but I think it wouldn't be a problem if I were more inclined to tuck in my shirt (and make my mother proud!)


  1. Very pretty! That fabric is perfect for that style.

  2. I love it untucked. It looks like a fun, casual shirt. I have the pattern and now it is at the top of the summer list!

  3. All are very nice (love'em). That blue/white is sweet...and I think that last one looks just as nice untucked.

  4. I love your version of this! I never thought to do it in a casual fabric... you're giving me ideas. Wasn't the big know fun to tie? I like the narrow hems, too, but they took longer to sew.

  5. Your new top is beautiful. It's very pretty and very you! I love it.

  6. Gorgeous!!! I love the print and the airiness of the fabric. You're making me want to move this up the list...

  7. Cute! I love the print and suits you well!