Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Know when to fold 'em (Vogue 1221 and 1304)

I'm the the rebound from a sewing failure - I tried sewing Vogue 1221 (see my first fail here) which just didn't fit although I remade it in a size 6.  It was saggy in the bust, and kind of wide in the hips and the front drape didn't work no matter how much I fiddled with it.  I think there's a reason why the envelope photo shows the model with her hands on her hips.

Maybe V1221 would have worked out OK if I could figure out a way to spend the day holding my dress in place.
Here we have my muslined bodice of the LiaLia dress (Vogue 1304) that I liked so much about a year ago.  I don't think that this is a go.  I still think this is a cute dress, and the alteration to make it work would be pretty easy.  As it is, the seam under the bust falls under my bust, but the top of the bodice... well, I'm sure you're all grateful I'm wearing a bra.  This would be a simple princess seam full bust adjustment, but I'm not sure I'm sold on making this dress.  Maybe for a winter formal event?  It's very close-fitting, boned and lined.  All I can think of if I were to go through the trouble of making it is... sticky sausage casing.  Granted, it's not hot and humid all year long.  Maybe I will adjust the pattern and test it out so that it's ready to go if I want a winter fancy-dress.

Sorry for the blurry Myspace style phone photos.  Sometimes it's not worth the trouble to get the camera out.
I think the benefit of making muslins is that it gives me a good idea of fit (even thought it doesn't always work out - as in the case of Vogue 1221) and have a better idea of what I'm getting into with the finished garment.  I didn't realize that the LiaLia dress is self lined and boned (I don't read the back of the envelope, just like I don't read the introductions in books) or that my b00bs would be hanging out until I put the muslin together.  They're kind of mashed in and up, which I guess I should have picked up on in the envelope photo.
See, it is a cute dress.  Just not what I'm looking for right now.


  1. Saggy in the bust and wide in the hips: no bueno

  2. oh that is so sad when you spend all the time testing and it doesn't work out. onward to something better!

  3. Bummer! I really like the back for the LiaLia dress... maybe you can incorporate that into something? Good thing you make muslins!

  4. I think this dress has potential, but it is a hassle to have clothes that are not bra friendly, and this one is not friendly in either the front or the back.

  5. Good you started out with muslins, pity it were patterns that not worked for you. Hope you find something to like very soon.

  6. I've been thinking about Vogue 1221 for a while; I thought it would be cute in seersucker. I read through the instructions a couple times and it seemed needlessly complicated. I'm so glad to hear it's not worth it to sew, though sorry I have to learn at your expense!

  7. So sorry about the last couple of projects. Nothing gets me down than garments that just don't work. Muslins are a good thing, as much as I personally loathe them (wanting the gratification of a finished garment sooner rather than later, of course). Here's to happy designs and fitting perfection for the next project!