Monday, August 15, 2011

Robin's egg blue skirt: Burda 10-2010-115

Big news: I'm moving out of my little shoebox in two weeks.  This will probably be the last thing I sew here.  The fabric is a pastel blue wool gabardine that wrinkles like nobody's business.  It was left over from a failed project and has been in my stash for more than 6 years... surely, its age has nothing to do with its wrinkliness.  I really did press this!  Until I saw the photos, I thought I was still crisp and ironed!  The skirt was an instant gratification project (start to finish in 3 hours) and is a near perfect replacement of this cotton pique skirt (same color) that I spilled tea on.  That skirt just wasn't meant to be... it started off life with stains from the pocket lining fabric and then was permanently ruined by tea.

Here is my new skirt, which unlike the first skirt sits slightly below the waist.  Here is Burda's magazine shot.  It's a cute skirt, but they must not really want you to see what it looks like because the model is seated.
Burda 10-2010-115

The skirt comes in two lengths, 17" and 19".  I could have shortened it to be a mini on me, but to keep it more office appropriate I made the 17" version without alterations.  I generally like my skirts a little above the knee to offset my shortness, so this is perfect.  This is a size 36. 

Front view.  I did not know there was a huge wrinkle above my right knee until looking at this photo.

Side view.  I'm pretty sure this isn't poofy, I just have weird posture in this picture.
Back with lapped zipper.


  1. That skirt is cute and I'm really liking your shoes. Congrats on the move. I hope you love your new place.

  2. The skirt looks beautifully made, and a simply gorgeous colour! Good luck with your move to a new place :)

  3. You have made a very nice skirt pattern look super-fabulous in this very lovely shade of blue. i don't think you should worry about the wrinkled fabric - I always think wrinkles look much worse in photos that they do in real life.

  4. Love the color. Yay for more space (I assume?). I love my (relatively, for a big city) spacious place. It makes such a difference.

  5. Very cute skirt, and enjoy the move and the new place.

  6. RE: the Vogue top pattern - no it's been out for a while I think. It was soooooooooo easy too.