Sunday, December 26, 2010

Linen hiking shirt: Burda 09-2010-109C

Thanks for all your kind words on my last post.  The shirt is couldn't be salvaged and I'm glad to have a bunch of sympathetic readers to cry to!  Melissa, I love it that you know them Stillers!  The fabric will be used to make a gift bag for  a Teacup Piggy.  Personal joke.

In the meantime...

There are two types of hikers: those who like natural fabrics and those who like technical fabrics.  I'm the latter while my sister is the former.  I went hiking with my sister a few months ago and she pulled out an old linen button down shirt from Goodwill that she'd hurriedly hacked off at the waist.  So hurried that it was cut at a jagged diagonal.  She was trying to counteract the enormity of the shirt (XL, when she is more of a S).  The effect was kind of Jack Sparrow.
 So for Christmas, I decided that I would make her a linen shirt that fit.  This shirt is rayon linen, prewashed.  I chose the design because of the deep vent in the front, simple collar (easy to layer!) and cuffs that can be rolled up.

It fits fantastically.  All seams are french seams to reduce chafing.  Instead of applying the plastron with raw edges, I turned in the edges on both sides for a completely smooth bib.

Front. Isn't my model lovely?

Plastron or bib front.  Where does Burda get names like Plastron?

Vented cuffed sleeves.

Back, also with smooth application of Plastron.
Here is Burda's line drawing.  It's also available as a dress, and I think it would look great in a crepe satin as they use for the sample in the magazine.  I wish that it was drafted in my size.  I'm just too lazy to size down because there are so many patterns that I could easily just make a different garment that's drafted for my size.

Burdastyle 09-2010-109A,B,C


  1. This blouse was one of my favourites from the September issue. I wondered what it would look like in linen - the answer is great!

  2. Looks great! Plastron is french for "bib"

  3. Very nice! I liked this in the magazine, but I think yours is about the fourth fantastic version of this I've seen so it's climbing up the list from "in theory" to "must sew"!

    (and you make me laugh! You can't grow up in central PA without knowing the Stillers!)

  4. I love white linen. So elegant and comfy!

  5. This is a beautiful shirt. You're such a nice sister!

    Wouldn't it be cute in a pinstripe for spring?

  6. Gorgeous shirt. It's looks great in linen!

  7. Wow, what a nice gift you made for your sis. That tunic looks fantastic in linen!

  8. Your model is absolutely gorgeous. That is one nice tunic she has on. Great job

  9. Haha, I like that burda uses "plastron" I work with reptiles and the plastron is the belly part of a turtle shell!