Monday, October 25, 2010

Brocade mini skirt, Burda 02/2010 104

I've been sewing but I haven't been blogging about it, I'll have more posts coming soon.  This is one of two purple skirts I've made -- I realized I had no Fall or Winter skirts.  A travesty I tell you!  So I went ahead and made two skirts, realizing after I'd cut the material for the second one that I now have two purple skirts.  When it rains, it pours.

I wasn't sure what my size was, as in the past I've always thought I was a 38 and made petite adjustments accordingly or gamble over whether a size 36 would fit me.  I haven't been running because of an injury that isn't really worth getting into here other than I was pretty sure that lack of exercise would make me heavier and thicker.  It turns out that since I've replaced running with going to the climbing gym more frequently, I've gained weight but lost a few inches.  Who knew?  I took new measurements a few weeks ago and learned that I'm a now a size 36.  It pays to take your measurements regularly!

I wanted to test how a 36 would fit with no adjustments, and wanted a simple skirt that could use a cut of fabric already in my stash.  This is 3/4 yard of 45" wide brocade that I bought at least 6 years ago with plans to turn it into a purse.  File that under What Was I Thinking.  I can't imagine having a purse made out of this stuff.  It snags and sheds all over the place.

The skirt is fitted in the waist through hips, I ended up having to make the back seam 1/2" instead of 5/8" due to snugness.  I'm not sure if it's due to the pattern design, the unforgiving nature of the fabric I chose, or the shape of my runner-turned-climber butt. 
This is really shiny.

Front.  There are slant pockets with self bias binding.
Back.  I had no idea it could get so wrinkly without sitting.  I used an invisible zip.

Side.  You can see the pockets a little better

Inside.  I underlined it in silk organza.  The waistband lining is a poly lining material.

burdastyle's version in cotton.

burdastyle 02-2010-104B


  1. I like this. I need to make a few fall skirts myself (which, at the rate I am going with sewing, will likely be tackled sometime around Thanksgiving).

    When I have been injured in the past my body always did weird things, and there is definitely a redistribution of weight that goes on. I noticed that my quads get smaller so my pants fit better when I am not training, but the tradeoff is my legs also get softer.

    Injuries suck - I tried to start running again in August and I can't seem to go more than 3 miles 2x/week without pain. I hope you get everything straightened out again.

  2. Love this one!! That fabric is really fun, and I think it looks very hip with the black cardi wrap. Tones down the shine factor a bit as well. This is such a great pattern. I was just yesterday thinking about making one in brown corduroy. Once I have a waist again, that is.

  3. Beautiful skirt! This is a wonderfully versatile pattern and I love your version - the brocade is gorgeous.

  4. I'd like to echo Eugenia. It is a beautiful skirt and love the idea of a silk organza lining.

  5. Oh dear, I hope you heal well. I now know from experience how much any injury sucks. Love the shiny skirt!

  6. Gorgeous skirt! I love working with brocade. It looks fabulous on you.