Sunday, September 21, 2014

On the verge...

First, thank you all for your kind comments and wishes in response to my last post.  I have a photo that shows the back of my dress, which I will have to post.  Again, thank you SunnyGalStudio for pointing out the best starting point for my dress!

Now... what do I sew?  I've been making separates, but there is the possibility of another big project in my future.  My sister is getting married next summer, and can't quite put her finger on what she wants (it does not seem to exist.)  Perhaps when she figures out what it is, I might be able to help her with that.  I also am on the hunt for a good down jacket.  I have a Primaloft jacket from high school, which is enormous on me but I haven't gotten rid of it - instead, patching it as needed, all to the embarrassment of my Very Stylish Husband.  He has to be seen with me after all, and is merciless about this jacket.  I wore it to meet up with my parents for dinner last year and my mom asked me why I am wearing it still!  So I'll be honest, it's not just my husband who's on my case but pretty much anyone who has seen this jacket.  And I will admit, this jacket has lived out its useful life.  I need something that will fulfill many functions and this jacket can't do it.

I want a lightweight down jacket that I can wear under my hard shell for skiing, will keep me warm at the crag (I am entertaining the thought of ice climbing), and can be worn out and about as a stylish kind of thing.  This jacket has to live up to a lot!

And, as I've been trying on jackets - not naming names - I am finding that they are just too big if they are women's sized and too childish (what is with the colors for girls?) if from the girl's section.  I am in this weird land between L or XL girl and XS woman.  It's really the sleeves.  I think I could handle a boxy jacket torso if only the sleeves did not engulf my hands. 

So I am toying with the idea of making a down jacket.  I've gotten so used to having sleeves that fit (I now hate trying on ready made button down shirts) that I likely never buy another shirt or dress for as long as I can sew.  I've made coats.  Why not a down jacket? 

Just imagine cleaning this up.  This is what I imagine making a down jacket will do to my house.
Or should I suck it up and deal with the 2" extra length on said jacket?  Down jackets are pricy, but this seems like a worthwhile price to pay for something that I'm not really chomping at the bit to try to make myself.


  1. Would it be an insanely difficult task to shorten the sleeves on a rtw version???

  2. I'm with Mrs. Smith. Either that or find a down vest that fits nicely and add some sleeves to it? I've seen similar looks in RTW, but not sure if it would be heavy enough for what you are looking for.

  3. In the UK I've seen down jacket material (ready downed and quilted) available. Perhaps something like that would make the task less daunting?

  4. Hmm. I have a lightweight down sweater from EMS a few years ago that's held up well. I expect you've already checked them out, though. Patagonia never fits me. Prana usually does. Title IX sports often has interesting brands for women, too. I gotta say, I feel like this sewing project could turn out to be a real headache!

  5. It's bad to wear a down jacket when you are wearing ski equipment. It's inconvenient to play skiing.

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